The Commission Process

Every tapestry I weave is a custom work of art, each one made to order for the person who commissioned it. When you purchase a tapestry, you become part of the creative process. Getting to know about your tastes and preferences is of great interest to me. Your thoughts about my work and about art in general are key to my understanding of your vision.

There are many approaches to commissioning a tapestry. You may have a particular image in mind, complete with colors, mood, subject matter, size, and context. Or maybe you are new to the art of tapestry but find yourself responding to its unique warmth and accessibility. It may also be that you wish to leave some or all of the tapestry design to me. Whatever the case, together we will create a unique work of art — woven just for you — that will beautifully enrich your life.

Here is how our collaboration works:

1.We discuss the design. I visit the site where the tapestry will be displayed, or you provide me with photographs and descriptions of the site. We discuss various aspects of the tapestry, such as subject matter, colors, and mood, and determine the size of the finished piece.

2.After our meeting, I draw the initial sketches. Later, I create a finished working drawing in colored pencil and provide you with yarn samples.

3.You review the drawing and yarn samples, then we discuss your comments and suggestions for adjusting the design.

4.Based on our discussion, I make any necessary changes then begin work on the tapestry.

5.When your tapestry is complete it is delivered to you, ready to hang.

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