Artist’s Statement

I always knew that I would be an artist, having grown up among artists and getting plenty of encouragement as a child. Our house was full of Japanese prints, netsukes, and fabrics, and my earliest memories of these still influence my view of what is beautiful.

My subjects are from the natural world and concern the effects of wind, water, light, and shadow over time. I try to show the beauty that surrounds us every day, whether we live in cities or suburbs or surrounded by meadows. My goal with every tapestry is to reveal the my subjects’ inner essence.

Much contemporary art baffles most people, sometimes even intentionally. I disagree with this approach; I believe very strongly in making my art accessible to a wide audience. I want to elevate people’s sense of inquiry, hope, and mystery through my tapestries.

The physical act of weaving is much more athletic than many people realize, and I get a good workout every day at the loom. I am constantly dashing around the studio to make a note about something that has just occurred to me regarding the work, or to find the right yarns to mix, or to work on a design detail at my desk, or stretching and standing back to view my progress.

I create my work for its own sake, with the underlying message: “Hey! Wake up, people! Our world is so fragile, and understanding and preserving it is very, very necessary to the human spirit.”



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Artist's Statement